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Surveillance System

Choose VanCity HD Technologies for your security surveillance camera needs

Greater Vancouver's premiere full service security and audio-visual contractor since 2006. 

We sell and offer complete security surveillance camera installations from start to finish. We supply and install high definition cameras, IP cameras, DVR's and NVR's. We wire, install and network your system for remote viewing on PC, Mac, iPhone and Android. Let us put together a residential, commercial or industrial surveillance solution to meet your exact needs and budget.

A note from our installation crew:

Video surveillance is more of a serious business instead of a video entertainment business that some retailers and "installers" have been trying to make it seem to be. We take the business very seriously since we are taking acute responsibility for helping secure our customer's families, possessions, business and their properties.

We strive to provide end users with peace of mind by providing distributor backed full warranty on all cameras & recording equipment. We couple this with technical support services to the end-user customers. You can always speak to real, knowledgeable people who can troubleshoot, should the need arise and assist in emergency footage retrieval.

That’s why so many people refer us to their friends and family!

We Partner With The World's Best Video Surveillance Brands: