LED Signs

We custom fabricate LED signs to our customer's specifications.

We use the highest QUALITY Korean NOT Chinese components in the assembly of our LED signs.

All of our signs feature SAMSUNG processors for long-term reliability.

Typical lifespan is 20 Years operating at 12 hours per day!

Choose from remote control or PC Input



VanCity HD Technologies takes great pride in delivering the best quality LED signage products at an excellent price in the shortest turnaround time 7-10 business days.

We offer 2 year warranty along with great customer support before and after the product is purchased.

Our LED Signs

We sell a wide variety of led signs:

  • An LED scrolling message sign can scroll through multiple messages, of virtually limitless length. A custom sign will be limited to a single message consisting of a very limited length.
  • Programmable signs come complete with remote control that allows you to enter both text and graphics into your message or messages.
  • Different messages can be scheduled for different days or even different times during the day. You can even use your LED display as an "open" & "closed" sign (set to your store hours).
  • Messages can be enhanced with various special effects that include flashing, color change (multi-colored displays),cartoons and graphics. A programmable LED display will get your message noticed.
  • Available in sizes 12"x 30" and up.
  • 3 Colors per sign: Red, Green, Yellow OR Red, Blue, Pink

Our LED Signs

Our LED Signs