In-Wall/In-Ceiling Speaker/Sound Bar System Installation

In-wall Rectangular Speakers Around TV
Our most popular speaker installation. Your speaker(s) will be flush mounted around your plasma or LCD TV with all wires hidden inside the wall. This design is an excellent choice when room layout restricts rear speaker installation or requires multiple ceiling cuts to route speaker wiring.

We suggest left, right, and center rectangle speakers for excellent sound quality in average sized rooms.

Round in-ceiling speakers are the Home Theater "standard" you see in the new model homes. In-ceiling flush mounted speakers with all wiring hidden remain the permanent amenity for your home's sound system and will serve many years of enjoyment while adding a valuable amenity to your home. Most home theater / entertainment rooms will have 3-front speakers and 2-rear speakers (5.1 system, where the .1 refers to the floor subwoofer). Very advanced systems will add 2-more mid room speakers (7.1 system).

In-Wall In-Ceiling Speaker Installation
2 year warranty on workmanship

  • $69.99 per speaker (speaker NOT included)
  • Speakers from $120/ Pair
  • Inspect area for installation
  • Evaluate Speaker placement
  • Conceal & connect all cables in wall
  • Connect A/V components to TV
  • Includes 2 year workmanship warranty

Optional Upgrades

  • 5.1 Surround Sound
  • 7.1 Surround Sound